Manali Tour Package

Manali Tour Package

Include a Manali tour package into your travel list if you want to see the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. At Digital Robin, you can get detailed information on booking your trip to Manali. It is undoubtedly the most-visited hill station which offers a tranquil touring environment, snow-covered landscapes, and scenery. You can also get an escape to the lush greenery of the mountains for a remarkable trip. Thus, it’s an appreciated gateway to Indian tourism and is packed with domestic as well as international tourists. However, it could be challenging to find reliable guidance on making a suitable travel itinerary. Our platform is available to access genuine and user-centric information for all of your tour and travel queries.

Things to know about the Manali tour package for ease of travelling

No matter if you have learned a lot about this panoramic place which sits on the lap of nature. When it comes to touring the location, it might be quite challenging. Remember that a heavy influx of tourists comes to visit this attraction. So, you need a proper plan and information on various aspects. Digital Robin lets you know about places to see in Manali to choose the best travel preferences.

Solang Valley

Compassing a distance of just 12 km, Solang Valley is best to explore via road. You can see incredible scenery of nature during your journey and can visit the place in summer and winter.

Old Manali

The town of old Manali has exotic charm to relish the journey. Seeing the beautiful local market, eating continental food, and feeling the climate. A Manali group tour package is a good choice to explore this place with your friends.

Rohtang Pass

The scenic beauty of Rohtang Pass is a mind and body rejuvenation. Explore beautiful glaciers, peaks, and valleys while travelling through this spot. It is best to visit during summer to explore the natural beauty.

Van Vihar Park

Book a Manali family tour package to explore this place for boating, visiting the zoo, and enjoying the weather. You can see Himalayan leopards, deer, and black beer. Van Vihar is also home to many floras and faunas.

Hadimba Temple

It’s an old cave temple devoted to Hadimba Devi. You can visit this place where Devi Hadimba did meditation to get supernatural powers. The temple is famous for its unique architectural structure crafted in wood.

Manali Tour Package

Activities you can do during your Manali tour package

Knowing the things to do before you set for booking the package keeps you well informed. Here, Digital Robin gives you a brief on what activities you can do during your visit.

Trekking the mountains

You can start trekking early in the morning to have an adventurous splash. It is best to have this activity during the Manali group tour package. Bijli Mahadev, Prashar lake, Hampta Pass are some of the famous treks in Manali.

Skiing adventure

You can have captivating skiing adventures during winter on the snow-covered landscapes. Skiing is a thrilling activity so you need to excel in it. Though it can add more zeal to your tourist package.

Picnic at Rahala Falls

Admire the beauty of pristine nature at Rahala Falls and go for a family picnic. You can discover this recreational area just 16 km from Manali to have fun. It is the best treat to include in the Manali family tour package.

Best time to Book a Manali tour package

March to June

This is the time of year when the heat rises during the day in Manali. However, the temperature varies between 10 to 25 degrees so carrying woollen apparel is necessary. This time is best to enjoy outdoor activities in Manali, as you can do rafting, paragliding, trekking, etc. Also, you can enjoy the endless beauty of mountains and witness lush greenery.

December to January

If you want to see the snowfall and white landscapes, this is the ideal time to visit. Also, the time is good for honeymooners to seek an escape for privacy to enjoy quality time. However, the temperature during this time tends to fall to -1 degree. So, it is advised to carry hot stuff of apparel to prevent cold ascendant.

Manali is a tempting tourist place for travelers and explorers. So, this place welcomes travel enthusiasts throughout the year. Therefore, you can make a plan anytime to indulge in the serenity of nature’s beauty. However, it’s better to avoid the monsoon period from July to August due to landsliding instances. During this period, the density of tourists to Manali often becomes low.

How to reach Manali from different locations in India

Manali is a premier tourist destination well-connected by road and air to other Indian cities. So, reaching there is not a complex chore as you need to have a pre-planned trip. Hence, if you are coming with your kids, you need to opt for the Manali family tour package in advance. From your home location, you can catch a flight to land at the nearest airport of Chandigarh or Delhi. From there, you can travel by Volvo bus which you can include in your package. So, check below the places from where you can easily navigate your Manali trip.

Book Manali tour package from Mumbai

There’s no direct connectivity between Mumbai and Manali so you have to take an alternative route. The easiest way to reach there is to book a flight to Chandigarh International Airport. After reaching there, your travel package company can serve airport pickup through Volvo. It covers a road distance of 270 km from Chandigarh to Manali to be completed in 6 hours. So, you can travel with ease in Volvo to reach the final destination. You can book a 6n 7d Manali tour package from Mumbai at competitive prices.

Book Manali tour package from Bangalore

If you opt for the cheapest way to book a Manali tour package from Bangalore, you can travel by train. Reach Delhi from Bangalore via train and then get a free pickup by Volve from the railway station. Delhi to Manali is 507 km away so it may take a long time to reach there. However, if you can manage to afford it, a flight to Chandigarh from Bangalore is the fastest way to reach Manali. Using flight can save you time and enable you to explore the place thoroughly.

Book Manali tour package from Kolkata

A Manali tour package from Kolkata seems a challenging task to accomplish. But we guide you to make it convenient to book one. A reliable tour operator can book your train from Kolkata to Ambala junction. From there, you can have a pickup for Manali through Volvo. Moreover, you can reach Chandigarh airport by flight to travel further with pickup services. However, you are advised to make a long trip to Manali from Kolkata due to a long-distance journey.

Manali tour package from Jaipur

Jaipur is a hot place, especially during summer when the temperature reaches 50-55 degrees Celsius. So, it’s the best time to get an escape to Manali for comfortable and quality time spent. So, you can opt for a Manali tour package from Jaipur with your family to have fun. Include train or flight booking from Jaipur to reach Manali with pickup service from the nearest location by touring company. You can opt for a direct flight to Chandigarh from Jaipur to save time.

Manali tour package from Pune

Enjoy the diverse range of mountains and waterfalls, and get a Manali tour package from Pune. Fly to Chandigarh airport and get direct transportation of Volvo through a pre-booked tour package. You can reach Manali to explore the best views of nature and to enjoy cool weather. Pune is a humid place due to heavy rainfall so you can spend some time in the sunshine of Manali during mid-summer. It gives you plenty of room to enjoy the trip with friends or family.

Where to stay with the Manali tour package

The pre-booked tours of Manali include your stay in the hotel or resort. It hoists a range of 3-star and 5-star homestays to get convenient and airy rooms. So, you can check the best prices suited to your budget for tailoring your travel itinerary. However, you can also find budget rooms in Manali, especially during off off-season. So, plan accordingly to visit this glorious tourist place. It is guaranteed that your trip to Manali will leave remarkable memories for you. You can plan the tour with your friends, co-workers, and family to enjoy the beauty of paradise.

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